If you’re a rider wanting to enjoy the best of all helmet types, our modular helmets are a perfect choice. It’s a full face motorcycle helmet with a chin bar that can be flipped to the helmet’s top. When you do this, it becomes an open face helmet.

Basically, a modular helmet is a hybrid between open face and full face helmets. Sometimes, it’s also called flip-up, flip-face, or convertible helmet. This type is designed for street use and it has become a popular option among riders due to its versatility.

Modular Helmets – Riding with Comfort & Convenience

As mentioned, modular helmets feature a chin bar or hinge that can be flipped. This hinge allows you to easily open the helmet.

A common misconception is that modular helmets were designed for smokers. In fact, it was designed for those who want to have some fresh air at a stoplight or taking breaks.

Take note that modular helmets are not made to be worn open-faced while riding. Flipping the helmet’s hinge should only be done when getting some air between rides without completely removing the helmet.

Also, modular helmets don’t have the full safety features of a full face helmet. When the hinge of a modular helmet is flipped, your chin and jaws are more exposed and susceptible to impact. This is why it shouldn’t be flipped when driving.

Additionally, most modular helmet models come with a built-in sun visor. It provides more eye comfort and protection while riding during the warm weather.

Features of Our Modular Helmets

Here at Motorcycle Helmets, our modular helmets have a few unique features that aren’t present on other helmet types. These are also the other advantages of modular helmets.

Best Selling OGK Kabuto Helmet Models

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Here, we’ve listed the key features of the modular helmets here in our shop.

Flip Down Sun Visor

One of the most convenient features of our modular helmets is that these have a flip down sun visor. With that, you can keep your eyes safe and protected without having to wear sunglasses.

Rear Air Vents

Our modular helmets feature air vents on the helmet’s rear, allowing hot air to escape. With that, the helmet’s interior stays cool and breathable, which is highly essential during the hot weather.

Air Pump Systems

Aside from rear air vents, some modular helmets feature air pump systems, which consist of battery-operated or manual pumps. These work by pumping air around the neck, crown of the head, jaw, and cheek areas.

Aside from that, these also allow the helmets to have a custom fit on the rider’s head. With that, you can wear the helmet without feeling any discomfort.

With air pump systems, modular helmets can accommodate multiple head shapes. Aside from that, air pumps maintain even pressure inside the helmet to increase safety as it reduces fatigue.

Motorcycle Helmets’ Modular Helmets

Here at Motorcycle Helmets, you’ll find the best modular helmet models. We offer helmets from the top-selling brands, including SHOEI, ARAI, and OGK Kabuto.

With that, you can choose from a huge selection of colors and designs. These will allow you to ride safely and in style.

Our modular helmets are available in various materials like carbon fiber, thermoplastic, and more. Each of these also have unique features to make your riding experience more convenient and comfortable.

Not only that, but our modular helmet models also meet the safety standards. All of the helmets we have are either ECE 22.05, DOT, or SNELL approved. These standards guarantee that the helmets are safe for road and track use.

Aside from modular helmets, we also have open face, full face, and off-road helmet models.