Full Face Helmets

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An All-Rounder Option for the Adventurous Rider

Full face helmets from Motorcycle Helmets are a versatile option for riders like you. This is regardless of the kind of motorcycle that you’re riding, or even where you drive it.

Do note that the full face helmet differs on the kind of riding that you engage in. If you’re a sports rider, you tend to hold a crouched riding position. Because of that, you’ll require a helmet that doesn’t lift during high speeds.

Your helmet should sport a higher chin bar with a visor opening that’s slightly angled towards the helmet’s top.

Yet if you’re a cruiser, someone who tours, or an adventure rider, your helmet should be different. The helmet you’re using must have a chin bar and visor opening that’s straightforward and direct. This is because you as a rider, would hold an upright riding position, so your helmet needs to accommodate it.

Benefits of Using a Full Face Helmet

There are a lot of benefits when using our full face helmets. Here’s a list of the advantages of such accessories.

Keeps You Protected from Various Debris

Helmets from Motorcycle Helmets are the best option for lengthy rides. It’s because your eyes and face will be fully protected from wind, rain, dust, and other debris.

Best Selling OGK Kabuto Helmet Models

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You won’t need to wear glasses for protection, thanks to the full face helmet’s visor. If the visor is tinted, you also won’t need to wear sunglasses while driving.

Great for Cool or Warm Weather

Full face helmets are best during the cold weather since it provides coverage and protection on all areas. These are also great for warm weather since it comes with multiple vents to keep you cool.

Aside from it working for both cold and warm weather, it provides a secure yet comfortable and insulated feel. With that, you can experience reduced fatigue even during long trips.

Offers Full Protection

Based on a study on motorcycle helmet damage and head injuries, the chin receives 50% of severe impacts in accidents. Only full face helmets are able to provide protection on all parts, especially on the chin and jaws.

Providing Proper Ventilation

As mentioned, full face helmets have vents in different areas. These help evaporate sweat, reduce fogging on the visor, as well as keep you cool and comfortable. Additionally, the vents can also be closed during the cooler months to reduce airflow.

Comes with Other Useful Features

Full face helmet models in the recent years have new features that you can find useful. Some of these include Bluetooth capable speakers and visors with tint that adjust to sunlight conditions. These helmets also come in a wide range of color and design options.

Full Face Helmets from Motorcycle Helmets

Here at Motorcycle Helmets, we sell full face models from major helmet brands. We offer ARAI, SHOEI, and OGK Kabuto.

If you’re looking for a full face motorcycle helmet, you’re in the right place. With our collection of full face helmets, we’re sure that you’ll find the best fitting helmet for you.

We have various styles, designs, colors, as well as sizes ranging from XS to XXL.