Here at Motorcycle Helmets, we offer a wide variety of dual sport helmets for your riding enjoyment. All our motorbike gear is guaranteed safe and comfortable. It’s because our helmets come from trusted brands that passed extreme safety standards.

We have dual sport helmets coming from ARAI and SHOEI, which are all comfortable, safe, and definitely stylish.


Dual Sport Helmets? What Are They Exactly?

Dual sport motorcycle helmets are often hybrid style accessories for adventurous riders like you. It’s ideal if you enjoy both off and on-road travels during a single ride.

A common feature among dual sport helmets is that it has a wider configuration and periphery. It allows you to wear goggles under the face shield. In addition, these types of shields sport a visor to help block and prevent the sun and debris when riding.

Technically, dual sport helmets are a cross between dirt and street bike helmets. If you’re someone who often drives out, it’s an ideal choice since it’s good for all weather conditions.

In the last decade, adventure riding boomed and became highly popular all over the globe. Because of that, a large number of helmet manufacturers produced hybrid style helmets that appeal to riders like you.

Quality brands to consider are SHOEI and ARAI, which are available in Motorcycle Helmets.

Aside from hybrid style and dual sport helmets, they’re also sometimes called supermoto, enduro, or motard helmets. No matter what you call them, all these helmets get the on and off-road job done.

Is a Dual Sport Helmet Right for You?

Dual sport helmets have become a great hit for more than just enduro and ADV riders. These helmets aid in bridging the gap between MX or off-road style helmets, and full face street helmets. They’re versatile and efficient for dual sport riders who utilize their motorbikes to go through trails then back home.


If you’re someone using dual sport bikes that are designed for off-road drives, we’ve got your back. Our dual sport helmets will help solve your dilemma of selecting between the full face or off-road helmets for use.

Advantages of Dual Sport Helmets

Do note that using our dual sport helmets have great advantages. We’re going to show you what these are to give you an idea of what makes these helmet types great.

Enhanced Views

With dual sport helmets, you’ll have a better and more enhanced field of view both vertically and laterally.

Not only that, but these types of helmets are made to fit MX goggles. You can even wear them with their included face shield, which is great.

Better Airflow

Because of its design and construction, dual sport helmets have boosted interior airflow, unlike classic full face helmets. This will allow you to drive comfortably with enough air entering the helmet.

If you wear prescription glasses, these will fog less behind the face shield compared to OTG MX goggles.

Dual Sport Helmets and the Full Face Helmets – What’s the Difference?

There’s a main difference between dual sport and full face helmets. It’s the visor or peak on the helmet.

The visor on dual sport helmets are based on motocross helmets. It provides a more aggressive, off-road look with a bit of an advantage when driving in the morning to early afternoon. These times specifically have the sun shining brightly above you.

In addition, these types of helmets provide a bit more field of view, unlike other regular full face helmets.

Dual sport riders tend to prefer the option of removing the face shield and using goggles. This is because they usually ride trails more than driving on the streets. Like our dual sport helmets, these feature great flexibility. This feature makes it a perfect helmet for riders like you who’re searching for a do-it-all helmet.