Here at Motorcycle Helmets, we guarantee your safety with our custom bike helmets. No matter what style or design you choose, our helmets will protect you during your drives, everytime, anywhere.

Every rider like you should know that the motorcycle helmet is the most vital accessory of your riding gear. Riding your motorcycle can give you the feeling of complete freedom, but it’ll also make you extremely vulnerable while driving.

Because of that, it’s essential that you wear a quality-made, secure, and protective motorcycle helmet.

Wearing our helmets while riding is important to lessen the severity of potential trauma and injuries to the head. Our custom helmets are all designed to cushion, protect, and safeguard your head from collisions of unexpected crashes. This is the reason why helmets are always a must when riding your motorcycle.

Benefits of Custom Helmets

Custom helmets from Motorcycle Helmets are beneficial for a lot of riders. Remember that everyone’s heads aren’t shaped nor sized equally. With that, you can surely find a custom helmet that perfectly fits with the right size.

It will not only have the perfect fit, but it will provide adequate comfort even during long hours of rides.

Each of our helmet models has passed the minimum safety requirements. All of these have also been approved for road use or even track use.

If you’re a passionate motorcyclist, then your helmet can be a great style statement. With that, custom helmets can bring out your style and aesthetics while you ride down the road.

Additionally, you can personalize and accessorize custom helmets too, which is why they’re perfect for every rider around.

Custom Motorcycle Helmets from Motorcycle Helmets

Here at Motorcycle Helmets, you will find a plethora of top-notch helmets for your preferences.

We offer a collection of helmets from trusted brands that guarantee 100% security and protection. These are also designed and manufactured using advanced technology and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their quality.

Best Selling Shoei Helmet Models





Neotec II


Custom bike helmets that we offer here at Motorcycle Helmets are from SHOEI. It’s a Japanese company that produced motorcycle helmets from the year 1958. They created racing helmets in 1960 and created their first helmets to meet the JIS.

All their products are manufactured and designed in Japan, and they’re the first to introduce lightweight, carbon-fiber helmets in 1970.

Here are a couple of our custom SHOEI bike helmets you can choose from.

The SHOEI Ex Zero Basalt Gray Helmet

This custom helmet’s design is taken from their 1980 model. But worry not because despite its classic exterior, it has all the modern safety features you’d need as a rider.

The helmet sports the company’s lightweight and durable feature. It guarantees 100% during sudden impacts or collisions.

This helmet comes in a variety of sizes, so you don’t need to worry about it not fitting you. Plus, its interior is made to be comfortable, so wearing these for prolonged periods will be completely alright.

SHOEI Ex Zero Brilliant Yellow

If you want your customized helmet to be vibrant and easy to see while driving, this is the best option. Our SHOEI Ex Zero Brilliant yellow is a classic-looking helmet that has a bright yellow shade that’s extremely eye-catching.

It’s a great piece to use if you’re riding a classic or custom bike since it will match the entire aesthetic.

Like every other SHOEI helmet, this is a lightweight product. With that, you won’t get strained while using it and will guarantee comfort when you wear it for hours.

We have more helmets available here at Motorcycle Helmets.

If you’re looking for other helmet types, we also offer dual sports helmets and full-face helmets. We’ve also got modular helmets, off-road helmets, and a whole lot more.