The ARAI XD is an efficient full-face helmet that sports a unique design ideal for both street and urban riding. It has an excellent build quality and design like every ARAI helmet.

This helmet’s interior has new and upgraded materials for better performance and efficiency. Plus, it’s packed with tons of excellent features that are ideal for today’s riders.

Better Performance and Greater Efficiency

This ARAI XD helmet sports a defogging system plus an extra chin vent. It lets wind enter the helmet, so no matter what the weather is, its visor remains clear and fog-free.

Better ventilation is offered as well. It’s all thanks to the extra chin vent that helps release hot air from the helmet. In addition, this improved system offers increased comfort for all riders since the helmet’s interior is kept cool.

Of course, ARAI made sure that the rider’s shield is easy to manage. With that, they included a VAS shield system to make opening and closing the shield quicker.

The ARAI XD features a light and durable outer shell to keep its body stronger, tougher, and more durable.

Inside the helmet, users can enjoy the organic AR mat. It helps promote decreased gravity along the center. It provides increased adhesion, as well as enhanced strength for the helmet.

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