The ARAI XD TRACK is a quality helmet featuring the design and color theme of Chriss Carr. Carr is an American dirt-track racer and a 7-time winner of AMA Grand National Championship.

ARAI based the XD TRACK’s design on Carr’s theme, hence, produced a helmet that’s stylish, tough, and efficient. Aside from these, the helmet is made comfortable to fill the needs of every user. And it’s ideal for either pro or regular riders.

The company is known for producing excellent and quality helmets. With that, everyone can expect only the best with the XD TRACK.

Original price was: $759.99.Current price is: $689.99.

Magnificence at its Finest

Packed with a ton of convenient features, the helmet offers nothing but the best to all its users.

The XD TRACK comes with FCS cheek pads to give riders additional space when they need it. These pads are excellent, especially when offering enhanced personalization for an optimized fit.

A chin curtain is present too, and this feature blocks wind noise simultaneous to airflow control. In addition, it consists of water-repelling materials to easily block water.

For the build, the helmet’s body features a PB-SNC shell for tensile strength and resilient elements.

In addition, it has various quality materials mixed with newly-developed resins for a lightweight and sturdy shell.

Of course, keeping the helmet clean is a must. With that, the company included an antimicrobial interior to it. Lastly, proper ventilation is present due to the available air channels.