ARAI’s XD line is all about style, aesthetics, and security, which you’ll get with the ARAI XD OUTLINE. Based on the style and design of the original Defiant, this model offers enhanced aesthetics and features. These are perfectly necessary for riders who want a good-looking helmet that’s tough and secure

The XD OUTLINE comes with the SFL shell design that’s smoother and more rounded than the usual helmets. The form of this piece aids in producing a more durable body that readily disperses pressure on impact. In addition, the ARAI helmet comes with the Free Flow System and FCS from the company.

Sophistication and Toughness in One

The ARAI XD OUTLINE comes with a plethora of features that are essential for every rider today.

It comes with a mouth slit which allows enough air to enter the helmet. It prevents any instances of breathlessness whenever the XD OUTLINE is worn.

There’s also a shutter switch present that easily opens or closes according to certain situations.

When the center pad’s slit shutter is opened, adequate air will enter to prevent breathlessness when using the XD OUTLINE. If this is closed, outside air will flow towards the deflector to lessen fogging on the shield.

ARAI included an XDF Duct that offers a smoother and more natural form. Its slide shutter frontal duct prevents strong winds from entering the duct.

In addition, the helmet also has a PB cLc and FCS cheek pad system for further improved efficiency.

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