ARAI designed the ARAI XD DRAGON to become a helmet especially made for users of naked bikes. It’s a fiberglass-composite helmet, and is packed with great features.

This specific model is made to an extremely high standard. So, it shares its entire shape and a lot of features with the company’s current top-notch helmets.

Original price was: $759.99.Current price is: $689.99.
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Toughness and Strength to the Extreme

The ARAI XD DRAGON takes the R75 shape that’s rounder than the usual models of ARAI. The shape is essential to better bounce off objects, especially during emergency situations and accidents.

For enhanced strength and rigidity, ARAI included their peripheral banding technology. These are straight bands of fiber covering the helmet that pass along the eye area.

Since it has a unique shape, the helmet features a chin curtain to highlight its egg-shaped outer shell. More than that, the curtain blocks too much turbulent air from entering under the helmet.

Talking about its design and build, the XD DRAGON displays a nicely-made dragon on its exterior. It’s combined with various Japanese characters written on the side.

Other than aesthetics, the helmet comes with the PB-SNC² shell that provides amazing tensile strength and flexibility. Simultaneously, the helmet retains its lightweight form to prevent pressure and strain on the rider.

In addition, the helmet comes with the Eco Pure liner to keep a neutral balance of pH levels in the helmet.

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