The ARAI XD DIABLO, that’s based on the Defiant, is a product that’s not only secure, but eye-catching as well. It’s an optimized helmet, making this a bold and more refined motorcycle accessory for every rider.

It’s a helmet packed with a lot of excellent elements, guaranteeing the safety of every user.

The XD DIABLO’s shell is rounded and smooth, yet it’s tough enough to disperse force and impact. It comes with the FCS (Facial Contour System) which are cheek pads for added comfort. In addition, these pads also provide a snug fit to the helmet.


Designed and Built to Perfection

XD DIABLO is like every other helmet from ARAI: it’s tough, nice-looking, comfortable and secure. It’s also packed with lots of useful features such as the Hyper-Rib shock Absorber which helps optimize the helmet’s rigidity. Plus, the feature functions by smoothing out the wind flow.

To put it simply, the Hyper-Rib shock Absorber is something like a car’s bumper that absorbs impact and shock.


Aside from this, ARAI’s helmet sports other notable features like the Super Fiber Belt for protection. There’s also the Eco-Pure feature to keep the interior deodorized and bacteria-free.

Another great aspect about it is the fact that it prevents sebum stain from reaching the helmet’s inner surface. With that, the helmet is kept fresh and clean no matter how long it’s being worn.