The ARAI VZ-RAM is the successor to the 30-year old SZ series. It utilizes the technology of the RX-7X helmet, ARAI’s flagship model, together with other new features.

The VZ-RAM’s evolution offers a whole new level of amazing quality. It’s the perfect helmet for both regular and professional riders.


Balanced and Lightweight for a Comfortable Ride

With Pro Shade System and optional PIN LOCK sheet, riders won’t have to deal with fogging even during the cold. These two features keep a clear field of view at all times for a safe riding experience.

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Compared to the SZ series helmets, the VZ-RAM is lighter and has less stress. It’s because its shell is made of a special kind of high-density fiberglass. Aside from being durable and lightweight, the shell is also well-balanced.

The ARAI VZ-RAM helmet is made with the PB-cLc, which was initially designed for F-1 technology. It increases strength while making the helmet lighter. The EPS liner across the top of the eyeport enhances a rider’s field of vision.

Layers of mechanically expanded fiber mat and Super Fiber Laminates increase the helmet’s integrity without increasing its weight.

For absolute comfort, the ARAI VZ-RAM’s interior is lined with Eco-Pure. It controls pH balance to keep acidity low, prevent odor and bacteria from growing. It also absorbs sweat to neutralize ammonia.

The ear cups feature slits to provide room for eyewear, so riders can still wear the helmet comfortably.