A successor to the 30-year old SZ helmet, the ARAI VZ-RAM WEDGE comes with impressive features that riders will enjoy. This open-face helmet adopts the technology of the RX-7X, ARAI’s flagship model, and combines the latest technologies.

Impressive Open-Face Helmet with Advanced Features

The VZ-RAM WEDGE features the MDL or Multi-Density Liner. This is an excellent feature that enhances the helmet’s impact absorption abilities on each part of the shell. In case of an accident, the MDL provides adequate protection on the head’s most vital areas.


With additional 11% air intake volume and the large ventilation switches, riders can easily adjust the helmet’s amount of air intake. Also, riders can choose from half-open or fully opened, depending on the driving condition.

Its PB-cLc Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction feature ARAI’s super fiber belt, which was primarily for F-1 helmet models. The EPS liner also helps extend the rider’s field of view.

The cLc shell is composed of mechanically expanded fiber mat and Super Fiber Laminates that keeps it robust and elastic. Aside from that, it also stays lightweight to reduce strain on the rider’s neck. For the shield, it comes with the new VAS-Z shield system

When it comes tohe VZ-RAM WEDGE’s interior, it uses Eco Pure, which maintains low acidity and neutralizes ammonia. With that, it prevents odor and formation of bacteria in its layers. For added comfort, it absorbs sweat to keep the interior dry.