The ARAI VZ-RAM SAMURAI is among the best open-face helmets categorized under this class. It’s a motorcycle accessory that features high quality production, plus outstanding comfort and security for everyday riding.

A lot of riders opt for ARAI helmets since it’s known for providing superior quality pieces.

For the VZ-RAM SAMURAI, it’s a fashionably cool helmet that features graphics of a Samurai. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also something durable, tough, and efficient for fast riding.

Original price was: $699.99.Current price is: $639.99.
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A Helmet that Exudes Style, Charm, and Toughness

The VZ-RAM SAMURAI comes with tons of convenient features fit for today’s motorcyclists. It sports the FCS for a better fit along the rider’s lower jaw because of its foam spring support.

There’s an IC Duct 5 for the helmet which provides more airflow compared to the previous Delta Duct 5. This current duct allows users to easily open the helmet, while it also prevents water entry during rainy drives.

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Other features available on the ARAI VZ-RAM SAMURAI include the PB cLc to improve the shell’s structural integrity. It helps keep things lightweight and flexible, which is great.

Users will love the Eco-Pure liner since it’s entirely removable. It’s placed in the helmet’s interior to keep neutral pH levels close to that of human skin. The liner also provides a better fit to the helmet, adding more comfort when wearing the piece.