The hit model of ARAI is under the SZ series, and this is the ARAI VZ-RAM PLUS. It’s an excellent piece for driving long rides, and makes use of the same technology of the RX-7X flagship helmet.

It’s a huge update from its predecessor, and all the integrated modern technologies are nothing but remarkable.

More Features, More Fun and Adventures

ARAI integrated the Pro-Shade System and Pin Lock sheet in the VZ-RAM PLUS. The Pin Lock prevents clouding and fogging despite cold or humid temperatures. It’s an essential feature for the helmet since keeping a rider’s view clear is vital.

The Diffuser Type 12 is present on the VZ-RAM PLUS’ open-face form. It has the spoiler function together with the aero fin for better reduction of turbulence at increased speed.

For the VZ-RAM PLUS’ design and build, it includes the Eco-Pure feature to keep the helmet’s interiors clean and fresh. This feature functions by preventing moisture building within the foam layers when the helmet is worn.

The helmet’s ear cups feature slits, making it easier and ideal for riders to wear their eyewear while driving. No discomfort or problems will be experienced when worn with the helmet.

In addition, the VZ-RAM PLUS is compatible with intercom speakers since it comes with pre-made space for it. It’s a great helmet for every rider, and it’s something they won’t go wrong with.