The ARAI VZ-RAM HARADA TOUR is one of the newest helmets from the Legend Rider Harada Tetsuya series. This model is an open-face type with VAS installed.

Its features do not only guarantee aesthetics, but also comfort, security, and protection.

Harada Tetsuya is a professional racer who won the 1993 Road Race World Championship. He achieved 17 wins and 55 podiums from a lot of Japanese competitions.

A Legendary Rider’s Helmet

The VZ-RAM HARADA TOUR features the Aero Stabilizer, which regulates turbulence. It also has the Racing Diffuser for reduced noise and Aero Fins for maximum speed racing.

Additionally, it can control helmet glare while optimizing stability.

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The retractable VAS-V visors and the Pro Shade System are present to protect against the sun’s glare. PSS or Pro Shade System is fixed on the helmet’s inner and outer shell and doesn’t affect its efficiency.

For convenience, the ARAI VZ-RAM HARADA TOUR features the FCS cheek pad design for optimum support and comfort. It also has a 5mm custom peel-away layer.

During emergencies, the VZ-RAM HARADA TOUR has the ERS or Emergency Release System. It allows for easy removal of the helmet’s cheek pad when the rider gets caught in an accident.

What makes this helmet resilient, lightweight and durable is its PB-cLc outer shell. This also helps enhance the VZ-RAM HARADA TOUR’s structural integrity.