The ARAI VZ-RAM GHOST has a smooth, cool-looking form and has a tough body cap. With such a build, it allows for more convenience and ease to dodge impacts.

Aside from having a sturdy build, the helmet sports a ton of notable features that make it one of the best helmets for riders today.

A Smooth, Tough, and Perfect Build for the Modern Rider

The VZ-RAM GHOST is a helmet from ARAI that sports a lot of fine and convenient features. One is the newly developed VAS-Z Shield System that aids the helmet in achieving an optimal shell form.With this, it makes the GHOST’s shell smoother, rounder, but stronger.


There’s a VAS-Z Blow Shield that adds some charm to the helmet. Of course, it comes with some use as well since it enhances the protection and security of the helmet.

ARAI also integrated features to enhance the helmet’s structural integrity. One of these is the PB cLc2 cap body. Moreover, the feature helps retain the VZ-RAM GHOST’s shell resilience; plus, it keeps it tough without boosting its weight.

The company’s proprietary MDL technology is, of course, nicely integrated into the VZ-RAM GHOST. It brings more rigidity and hardness to the helmet.

With ARAI’s great consideration to detail, the company also ensured to keep the VZ-RAM GHOST fresh, clean, and comfortable. They did it by including the Eco-Pure interior which makes use of a pH control function.

It works by maintaining an equal mild acidity that’s present on the rider’s skin. Plus, it comes with an anti-bacterial function to prevent bacterial growth.