ARAI VECTOR-X is a touring helmet that’s fashionable, comfortable, and has enhanced performance. It’s packed with notable features like better protection, effective air & noise reduction, and a tough build for everyday use.

One of its notable features is having an excellent form and build to withstand impact and pressure. ARAI integrated an effective form that can easily avoid and dodge large amounts of pressure.

They achieved this by utilizing the SNELL standard testing, creating a tougher yet smoother form for the VECTOR-X.

In addition, riders will love the FFS or Free Flow System that helps decrease wind noise and turbulence while riding. There are also aero parts that lessen wind complications and lessen unnecessary wind from entering the helmet.

Features Fit for the Modern Motorcyclist

For a better design and build, ARAI created the Peripheral Belt / Super Fiber Belt. It’s a feature that helps enhance the helmet’s strength while keeping it lightweight.

They included a thin EPS liner too, to optimize the rider’s field of view which is essential during their drives.

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Arai Astral-X




To make it an even better helmet, ARAI integrated the Hyper Rib that aids in smoothening wind flow while boosting its rigidity. Technically, it functions like a shock absorber that’s similar to a car’s bumper.

This hyper rib is one vital feature of the helmet. It’s because the feature enhances pressure resistance to make the cap stronger.