ARAI VECTOR-X TOUGH is a classy and aesthetic touring helmet. Its durability, protection, and comfort are all excellent, making it one of the best models in the market today.

This model’s stylish aesthetics and impressive features are ideal for entry and veteran riders alike.

Top-Notch Helmet for Riding in Style

The VECTOR-X TOUGH offers better cooling effect with the inner side ducts. It also has a smaller NE Nozzle that efficiently releases hot air using negative air pressure. This keeps the helmet’s interior more comfortable.

It has a Dual Flow Duct, a new mechanism that takes in cool air and releases hot air from inside. This consists of two holes on the front and rear for adequate cooling. Also, it can release hot air through the slit along the duct’s rear even when this portion is closed.

For the exhaust, it suppresses turbulence along the helmet’s rear which increases its stability.


For the shell, it features the PB-cLc2 from ARAI. It enhances the shell’s strength and resilience while keeping its lightweight form. Also, it has a reduced center of gravity to reduce the stress on the rider.

The Super Fiber Belt across the top of the eye port has a layer of EPS liner, offering an upward and wider field of view.