ARAI created another tough, sophisticated, and efficient touring helmet called the ARAI VECTOR-X PLACE. It displays a classic and sophisticated design that will satisfy the needs of every rider today.

It’s a model based on the concept and design of the company’s VECTOR-X. ARAI kept comfort and style in mind when it comes to the helmet. That’s without neglecting its durability and security.

A Space for Comfort, Style, and Security

The ARAI VECTOR-X PLACE is packed with loads of essential features that make the helmet a great option for riders.

It features the VAS-V MV shield which can be combined with the anti-fogging Pinlock sheet. This shield offers users with a wider and clearer range of view no matter what the season or weather is. Plus, with the Max Vision Blow Shield, it further protects and enhances the product’s shield from fogging.

It keeps the rider’s view clean and clear which is essential for them when driving down the road.

For ventilation, everyone can guarantee adequate ventilation, thanks to side ducts present on the helmet.

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Talking about its build and design, the ARAI VECTOR-X PLACE features the PB cLc or ARAI’s peripheral belt. It helps increase the strength, resilience, and durability of the shell whilst keeping the body lightweight.

For added comfort, the helmet comes with the FCS cheek pads that’s gentle and comfortable against the skin.