The ARAI VECTOR-X GUARD is a motorcycle helmet for riders who want a smooth form that’s lightweight. It’s even more perfect for them if they want something that can truly withstand the impact coming from strong forces.

It’s a helmet that gives users resilience, strength, and durability. And to enhance its performance and efficiency, the shield mounting was lowered and given a smoother form.

The Perfect Piece Even for the Discerning Rider

You’ll never go wrong with the VECTOR-X GUARD and it will satisfy even the most discerning rider. It comes with a collection of amazing aspects like a VAS Shield System and adjustable system interior.

Adjustable and detachable pads are present in the helmet’s interior. It allows the rider to remove the pad inside depending on their preference. Plus, if they find the standard specifications too rigid, the rider can adjust it based on what they want.

ARAI’s helmet has a PB-cLc cap body for the VECTOR-X GUARD. It’s the company’s Peripherally-Belted Complex Laminate Construction that optimizes shell strength and resilience.

Despite the construction, the VECTOR-X GUARD still maintains a convenient and efficient lightweight build.

In addition, there’s an FCS cheek pad present on the helmet, and it’s a peel-away portion on the VECTOR-X GUARD. It’s a feature that utilizes a creative spring support built into its interior’s cheek pad.

What’s more, the FCS interior keeps the helmet fresh and clean, which is perfect for riders everywhere.

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