ARAI V-cross4 is a helmet for regular and professional riders. The design focuses on speed and durability while it guarantees safety. It’s a perfect helmet for fun & adventurous rides, and is ideal for everyday drives as well.

This helmet doesn’t only have a notable design and build, but its interiors and features are excellent too.

So, riders will never go wrong when they opt for the V-cross4 from ARAI. They’ll only receive 100% satisfaction when using this helmet.

Innovative Helmet for All Riders

For the helmet’s inner portion, it offers sufficient space for glasses and goggles. The gap prevents the rider’s eyewear from hitting the visor and it also doesn’t give any discomfort when worn. Aside from that, the space helps increase ventilation in the helmet.


This model also features an exhaust duct and diffuser. At the helmet’s top rear portion, an air duct is present to improve ventilation.

The PB-cLc cap body on the V-cross4’s shell enhances the helmet’s strength and flexibility while keeping it lightweight. It also enhances the rider’s field of view.

For its visor, it’s longer by 14 millimeters and wider by 5 millimeters compared to the previous V-cross3 model. With that, it’s more efficient in blocking debris when driving fast. Another upgrade is the larger air outlets.

For the interior, ARAI V-cross4 uses a newly-designed detachable liner that can be replaced and washed. To keep the rider safe, it also has an optimized Emergency Release Cheek Pad technology with a quick-release tab.