The ARAI TOUR CROSS 3 features a design and build ideal for motorcyclists who love adventures. It’s a model based on the Tour Cross 3 Vision, an off-road multipurpose-type of helmet.

It displays a stylish design with lots of lines and patterns, adding more charm and aesthetics to the piece.

The Best Gear for an Adventurer

One of the most vital features of a helmet is great ventilation and cooling. These elements are present to allow adequate air to enter the helmet when worn. It helps cool the helmet, airing areas like the temple since it’s a common spot that sweats easily.

The TOUR CROSS 3 sports the PB-cLc cap body for optimizing the helmet’s strength and flexibility. Simultaneously, it helps keep the TOUR CROSS 3 stay lightweight which is essential during long rides.

ARAI guarantees that their helmet offers a comfortable fit for its users. They included the FCS system that provides a perfectly ideal fit for the helmet. In addition, the FCS ensures 100% comfort even when the TOUR CROSS 3 is worn for hours.

There’s also a plate set on the chin section of the helmet. It wraps nicely and snuggly from its bottom section.

It’s made up of a cushioning material that’s different from the standard spring along its base plate. Although it appears tight, the plate on this area doesn’t apply too much pressure when a rider uses it.

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