The ARAI S-70 is one of ARAI’s open face classic helmets that are stylish, durable, and comfortable. It’s a perfect motorcycle gear that sports an advanced feature using the company’s SCLC outer shell. This is an excellent feature for riders who want increased resilience and safety while driving at high speed.

The Shape of Perfection

The S-70’s shell construction uses fiberglass to ensure the helmet’s efficiency and strength. Using this element greatly improves equal distribution of impact energy using impact resilience, strength, and structural integrity.

Of course, every rider who chooses the S-70 can expect an extremely strong, flexible, and lightweight helmet.


This open face helmet also features a rounder shape which is stronger than anyone would expect. Since it provides a smoother finish, one would assume it is less in strength compared to other helmets. Surprisingly, the S-70 is a tough motorcycle helmet that passed the R75, ARAI’s protection standard when it comes to safety.

Secure with Style

The ARAI S-70 comes with the DD Ring or D-Ring Fastener. It is one of the safest and best ways to fasten the helmet. This security feature comes with a flat, D-shaped ring that fits and sets beautifully against the rider’s chin.

In addition, the DD Ring doesn’t encounter corrosion issues which makes it an excellent addition to the ARAI S-70.

The helmet also comes with an SCLC shell that has aeropsace fibers to make the S-70 more efficient in extension and bending resistance.