The models under the ARAI RX-7X line of helmets are used by numerous MotoGP stars. Like every other helmet from ARAI, the RX-7X helmets provide next-gen head protection and safety.

Not only that, but the helmets under this series are all excellently and meticulously designed. It’s to guarantee your safety at all times.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, ARAI is one of the most recognized and renowned brands today.

Perfection at its Finest

The RX-7X helmet from ARAI is considered the “legendary” line of helmets from the company. It is one of the most advanced collections consisting of top-quality helmets that are available for your riding needs.

This line exhibits the climax of the company’s top experience when it comes to motorcycle helmet design. It comes with features such as their ingenious VAS shield technology, augmented ventilation & airflow, and anti-microbial ECO-PURE liner.

With these elements, it’s no wonder why the RX-7X line earned the spot as ARAI’s flagship model. And for us here at Motorcycle Helmets, it’s one of the best options for safe and enjoyable rides.

Why You Should Choose Arai RX-7X Helmets

ARAI creates their high-quality helmets by hand to make these as smooth and round as possible. This way, they achieve the unique R75 shape, which effectively reduces the impact in a crash.

These helmets can deflect an object on impact to keep your head protected at all times.

The company believes that a helmet cannot completely absorb direct high-speed impact, no matter how good it is. This is why all of their helmets, including the RX-7X, are hand-built.


Every external plastic vent and spoilers are crafted to break off during heavy impacts. This aspect helps maintain the helmet’s shape as round as possible. Hence, it provides higher chances of glancing off.

Choosing the RX-7X is a smart choice since it sports the Type-12 diffusers. These pieces measure 20mm, and they’re much longer compared to the earlier design.

What’s great about this feature is that it helps absorb more than 19% of air. It’s compared to the older diffusers that were used for helmets.

Not only that, but the helmet comes with straightened dual air diffusers. These, on the other hand, enhance the RX-7X’s aerodynamics and stability during fast rides.

Lastly, another reason why you should choose the RX-7X is its chin curtain. It’s an essential element of the RX-7X since it enhances the egg-shaped form of the helmet’s outer shell.

ARAI Helmets

All the helmets from ARAI, including their RX-7X line, are products of non-stop innovation and improvement. The helmets are an excellent union between safe technology, function, and race-inspired style.

Focused on tradition, the company continues to produce 100% handmade motorcycle riding helmets. They’ve been creating helmets since 1926 where they focus on the improvement of comfort, safety, and quality with no exceptions.

In this day and age, ARAI gives you a plethora of motorcycle helmets including the RX-7X line.

ARAI always stayed loyal to their claim that safety and quality will never be compromised. They also state that these will never be influenced and affected by profitability.

As a result, the company has a spot at the top of the motorcycle helmet market. Hence, they continue to create quality-made, efficient, and safe motorcycle helmets like the RX-7x.

Meets Safety Standards

Aside from comfort and protection, ARAI sets an extremely high standard for the company itself. They do this by checking all their helmets and making them go through tough and rigorous tests.

These tests are assigned by known external testing agencies such as SNELL, DOT, ECE, and Sharp.

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets is an authorized dealer of ARAI helmets, and we’re also one of the biggest dealers today.

If you’re interested in our ARAI RX-7X line of helmets, you can choose from a variety of products available. Some items you can opt for include the RX-7X Scope, RX-7X Spencer 40th, the RX-7X MAMOLA, and a lot more.

For more inquiries about the ARAI RX-7X line, feel free to contact us anytime.