The ARAI RX-7X SPENCER 40th was produced in commemoration of Freddie Spencer’s 40th anniversary. He was the legendary champion who earned the two titles for the WGP 250 & 500 class in the year 1985. Spencer revived the design when he started wearing ARAI helmets, until the present.

Comfort, strength, and durability are some of the things you can enjoy when wearing this helmet.

A Legendary Champion’s Helmet

The ARAI RX-7X SPENCER 40th features FCS pads that provide adequate space to place intercom speakers. It also has elliptical-shaped speaker holes for easier positioning of the speakers. There’s no need to worry about discomfort since these have an excellent fit that eliminates cramping.

For improved breathability, the helmet has a larger mouth space. This new layout also allows riders to easily remove the helmet.

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It has PB-SNC2 that consists of high-density fiber that boosts the shell’s fundamental and structural integrity. At the same time, it retains its resilience and lightweight form by offering a lower center of gravity. As a result, the helmet offers optimized balance for less stress and fatigue.

Moreover, its interior features the Eco Pure liner with deodorizing, antifouling and antibacterial properties. It also neutralizes acidity and ammonia to keep it fresh, clean, and comfortable. With that, riders will have a comfortable experience.