The ARAI RX-7X SCOPE comes with a whole new level of helmet technology while providing enhanced protection and efficiency. It reduces impact and keeps the rider protected from direct pressure.

This model’s advanced features make the RX-7X SCOPE the perfect helmet for all riders.

A Helmet with State of the Art Design

The ARAI RX-7X SCOPE comes with the Diffuser Type 12 for improved aerodynamics. It works with Airwing to enhance the helmet’s stability.

For the air intake vents, these are fully adjustable. They have a tight seal for reduced wind noise and water intrusion.

Additionally, this model features the VAS or Variable Axis System with a moving pivot point. It allows for opening and closing of the shield with ease. It also has the VAS Shield Latch System to keep it securely closed to prevent unexpected opening of the shield.

The RX-7X SCOPE features the PB SNC2 Shell that is made of Super Fiber and other synthetic fibers. The materials used for this shell were assembled by ARAI experts for F1 helmet panels. PB SNC2 makes the helmet more durable and efficient.

For its interior, it consists of the fully detachable Eco-Pure liners that maintain neutral acidity levels to prevent irritation. It also has antibacterial properties. Aside from that, it has an adjustable temple padding and soft liner material for a better custom fit.