The ARAI RX-7X MAMOLA is the best example of the company’s goal to produce a tough and elastic smooth-forming helmet. Advanced technology is used for this model to have shock absorption properties and provide more protection.

This model is an excellent choice if you’re looking for one of the best helmets today.

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The Perfect Helmet for Your Riding Adventures

With its IP deflector, it prevents fogging on the shield to keep the view clear during cold and cloudy days. It also protects the rider’s eyes by controlling airflow and preventing air from reaching the area.

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The FFS or Free Flow System reduces excess wind from entering the helmet’s mouth area. It’s also another feature of the RX-7X MAMOLA that eliminates shield fogging.

The new and improved shield mounting portion is lowered by 24 millimeters.

With the VAS shield system, riders can have a wider field of view any time. It also comes with an optional PINLOCK sheet to enhance this helmet’s anti-fogging features.

The insulating air layer between the shield and PINLOCK sheet balances the temperature difference in and out of the helmet. This further enhances the RX-7X MAMOLA’s anti-fogging capabilities.

Additionally, a chin guard is attached for enhancing the helmet’s egg-shaped form. This shape provides adequate protection along the chin area.