The ARAI RX-7X DOOHAN TT is based on the RX-7X helmet from ARAI. It sports the Doohan graphic inspired by Michael “Mick” Sydney Doohan.

Doohan is an Australian pro motor racer who won five 500cc World Championships, consecutively.

Aside from being named after a world racing champion, the helmet is packed with tons of excellent features for riders.

It comes with optimized parts like a lengthened diffuser system, plus slightly narrowed sides for better movement. ARAI combined its spoiler with their Aero Fin to help reduce turbulence during fast rides.

In addition, the feature enhances soundproofing performance when the helmet is entirely closed.

Original price was: $859.99.Current price is: $779.99.
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Helmet of Quality, Function, and Style

The RX-7X DOOHAN TT is one of the perfect helmets for every rider. It’s not only made for professional racers, but it’s fit for regular riders too.

This helmet is tough since it consists of the PB-SNC2 resin. It strengthens and enhances the helmet’s toughness, keeping it lightweight. Generally, the presence of this feature boosts the ability of the helmet to have a strong body for dodging pressure.

Of course, riders can expect sheer comfort with the RX-7X DOOHAN TT. It sports the FCS interior that allows the rider to get that perfect fit when wearing the DOOHAN TT. The feature also works by adjusting enough pressure when driving and riding fast.