The ARAI PB-SNC2 RX-7X has one of the best helmet technologies. It’s a full-face model with a sporty style mixed with excellent features. It also comes with the XQRS, a system to make removal of the visor quicker and easier.

Plus, it’s packed with other convenient features that make it the best helmet around.

This PB-SNC2 RX-7X sports the GT-2 anti-fogging and scratch-resistant visor. There’s also a quick-dry material, and the DD-Ring as well.

All the Goodness Riders Can Ask For

ARAI included a lot of great features for the PB-SNC2 RX-7X such as the VAS shield. It’s a special technology that enhances the helmet’s shell by improving its sturdiness and durability. It then boosts its efficiency for every rider today.

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There’s an XQRS giving the helmet a tool-free feature. It makes removing the visor easier and quicker which is important for replacements, or when accidents occur.

Additionally, ARAI integrated the IVS into the shell for optimized air circulation in the helmet. Not only that, but the feature helps improve its aerodynamic efficiency.

Other important features of the helmet include the PB-SNC2 shell for strength, and removable inner cheek and neck pads. There’s also the Eco Pure material present on these pads. It’s to keep the rider cool and comfortable when using the helmet longer.