ARAI HYPER T PRO is a compact, lightweight, and sturdy helmet that guarantees functionality and safety. It comes with impressive features that provide protection and comfort, and offer a wider field of vision.

A Protective Helmet for the Most Intense Rides

The HYPER T PRO features the Hyper Rib structure, an excellent ventilation system, as well as an impressive shell structure.

It’s a durable model that meets the newest safety standards. It went through demanding tests to ensure the helmet’s durability and shock-absorbing performance.

The unique shape of the helmet offers efficient protection. The chin portion is extended by 40 millimeters to protect the rider’s chin in case of an accident. It also features an adjustable polycarbonate lock guard to reduce the impact if the rider accidentally falls.

Based on the company’s F-1 technology, the HYPER T PRO comes with the exclusive Peripheral Belt. It’s for optimum flexibility and strength while maintaining its lightweight form.

For the shell, it has the Super Fiber Laminate, which has a mechanically-expanded fiber mat to increase the helmet’s integrity. Its interior provides absolute comfort with the Eco-Pure liners with antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Moreover, it’s equipped with the T-Visor that blocks wind from blowing from the helmet’s front. Its V center screw keeps the visor secure and can be easily loosened or tightened by hand for tool-less adjustment.