The ARAI CLASSIC-MOD is a model with a unique design. Aside from a classic and stylish look, it comes with a lot of impressive features that make this helmet suitable for all riders.

The CLASSIC-MOD has gone through the Penetration Resistance Test, so it guarantees high levels of safety. It’s durable and well-constructed to provide adequate protection.

The interior is lined with synthetic leather for a classic feel. To increase the comfort, it features the Eco-Pure liner for a secure fit. This material also has antibacterial, antifouling, and deodorizing properties.

A Classic Helmet with a Durable Shell

The experts from ARAI constantly conduct research and perform tests to create the most durable helmets. With that, they were able to produce a fiberglass-based shell that is strong and efficiently distributes impact. Also, it’s highly resilient and lightweight to prevent pressure.

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The shell of the CLASSIC-MOD has CLC or Complex Laminate Construction between Super Fiber Laminate layers. CLC works as a reinforcement layer without adding the helmet’s weight. Its shell’s elasticity is also increased while its weight is reduced by 20%.

Its interior has the Eco-Pure liner which stays fresh with antibacterial, deodorizing, and antifouling properties. It also absorbs and neutralizes ammonia while preventing sebum from sticking to the interior. Additionally, Eco-Pure can change the components of sweat to avoid irritation.