ARAI ASTRAL-X is a touring helmet designed ideally for today’s generation of riders. It has a low center of gravity for lesser tooling wear-outs.

The helmet comes with a smooth, durable, and rounded shell optimized for enhanced shock absorption. When worn, it stays lightweight; plus, it features a cap body that decreases fatigue during long touring rides.

The Astral-X Build and Features

The helmet sports a great fit with extra room along the forehead area. It has a built-in liner which is more comfortable than detachable ones.

The most unique feature of the helmet are its distinct lines from the Astral-X’s front to its rear. It’s the only helmet from ARAI that sports this design and aesthetics.


Its shell is composed of the CLC, keeping this area tough, durable, and lightweight. In addition, it makes for a piece with a naturally organic shape that’s convenient for long rides.

It’s because the shape optimizes the helmet’s ability to pass through wind quickly. Plus, it decreases pressure, making it sturdier against turbulence during drives.

Lastly, the ASTRAL-X sports a slimmer and sleeker Saj face shield. It aids in bringing fresh air into the helmet while releasing hot air from inside.

Also, the ARAI ASTRAL-X utilizes their I/C-2 and DDL-2 upper vents. There’s also a bigger vent hole available for optimized airflow.