Another high-quality helmet from ARAI’s ASTRAL-X series is the ARAI ASTRAL-X STINT. It has a cool and appealing design combined with comfort and durability. These amazing features make this model one of the best touring helmets today.

If you’re a rider who goes on long journeys, this touring helmet is for you.

The Helmet for Long, Enjoyable Trips

The ARAI ASTRAL-X STINT utilizes hyper rib, which increases the helmet’s rigidity. It also smoothens wind flow for optimized performance. It absorbs shock and resists pressure to decrease the rider’s fatigue while driving.

This model incorporates the VAS Shield System, a mechanism that blocks the entry of various unwanted elements when driving.

The shell’s body consists of PB-SNC 2, an original for ARAI’s F-1 helmets. With that, the helmet’s structural integrity is enhanced and the helmet becomes extremely durable and resilient. Also, it’s more lightweight by 3 ounces and offers improved balance to eliminate stress and fatigue.

For a better fit and comfort, the ASTRAL-X STINT makes use of the FCS cheek pad design. It also has a 5mm peel-away custom fit layer for riders to achieve the perfect fit.

The ERS or Emergency Release System allows for immediate cheek pad removal, which is essential during accidents or emergencies. It allows for medical personnel to easily remove the interior pads.