The ARAI ASTRAL-X CURVE is a quality touring helmet that is excellent for newbie and veteran riders. It provides complete comfort, security, and style.

Its exterior has a simple yet elegant design with colored lines that add to its aesthetic. Like every other helmet from ARAI, it’s durable and robust on the outside, while it’s comfortable on the inside.

With the ASTRAL X-CURVE from ARAI, any rider can ride with comfort and style.

Original price was: $809.99.Current price is: $739.99.
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A Helmet for All Riders

The ASTRAL X-CURVE features the VAS-V Pro Shade System, a smart drop-down visor. It offers safety and protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays while preventing environmental elements from entering the helmet.

Additionally, it has the EPS liner to provide riders with a better view while riding.

It comes with the PB-SNC2 shell, which is strong, durable, and resilient. It also retains its light weight and decreased center of gravity.

The helmet also has a fiber mat that has been mechanically expanded between the Super Fiber Laminates’ layers. It bonds the layers without adding weight to the helmet.

For increased space in its interior, simply removing the 5mm layer peel-away will solve the problem. With that, riders can drive with comfort throughout.

Moreover, it has an antimicrobial liner that keeps the interior dry from sweat. Plus, the ASTRAL-X CURVE stays fresh between cleaning and maintenance.

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