Each helmet produced by ARAI is completely handmade by people who actively follow the mission of ARAI. They present and provide the best levels of quality and protection when crafting the helmets.

The mission of ARAI mainly focuses on your comfort and protection. Their principles include protection & safety, remarkable quality, and rider comfort, which have been strictly followed for over six decades.


The Finest Products for the Best Riders

ARAI Helmets, Limited is a name that’s linked to quality and excellence. It’s a company that designs and creates motorcycle helmets, as well as other helmets used for motorsports.

Its business has strong roots that go all the way back to the turn of the century. Their functions included the production of caps, military helmets, industrial helmets, then motorcycle helmets.

The military helmets were created from 1930 onwards, while their industrial helmets were produced after WWII. For their motorcycle helmets, the company began producing them from the early 1950s.

Chronicles of ARAI

This company dates all the way back to the 1900s when the production of Kepi-style caps began. Its founder was Arai Yuichiro, the father of Arai Hirotake who eventually took over the company in 1930.

Arai Hirotake was a keen motorcyclist who was soon approached to create and design new sun-barrier hats for the Imperial Japanese Army. Aside from being a motorcycle enthusiast, he was also originally a hat maker.

In the 1950s, Japan didn’t have any helmet manufacturers as well as legal standards. After a few spills, Arai decided that he needed a good helmet for his safety. Later, he also made helmets for a couple of his friends.


Since their country was a closed market, it was challenging to acquire a proper helmet. And since he knew the risks of riding motorcycles, Arai wanted good helmets for security.

Here, you can see that Arai Hirotake’s intention of creating helmets was not to begin another commercial business. His goal was to create these to protect fellow motorcyclists, and that drive is still alive within ARAI until today.

Elements of the Helmets

ARAI helmets have a variety of elements that make these one of the top choices of motorcyclists today. These are formed through their unique production process and advanced technology.

Hyper Ridge Construction

This method of construction goes around the helmet’s shell. It acts as a form of shock absorber that’s similar to a car’s bumper.

This feature enhances the shell’s strength along the helmet’s base opening. It then diminishes the spread of cracks on the shell during impacts.

Perfect Organic Shape

Their R-75 concept is an essential element for protection. With that, ARAI continues to develop shells featuring an organic shape that can’t be created by computers.

The organic shape is created by the hands of professionals who understand what is most vital in a helmet.

Emergency Cheek Pad Release Technology

This groundbreaking innovation of the company was developed to allow easier access to the injured rider’s head. It helps by making the removal of your helmet easier for medical personnel.

By pulling the helmet’s built-in orange tabs in the pads, these cheek pads can readily slide out. It will make the helmet removal quicker especially during emergencies.

Specially Formulated Resin by Arai

ARAI formulates their own resin in-house to produce strong shells exclusively for their helmets. It’s designed to bond the shell’s material firmly.

Best Selling Arai Helmet Models



Arai Astral-X




ARAI makes sure to use a minimal amount of resin to keep each helmet light while securely bonding the material. Also, the company uses specific shell construction techniques to keep the fibers close to the surface while retaining balance.

R75 Shape

Every hand-built helmet from ARAI features the R75 shaped shell. This integrates a continuous curvature with a radius of at least 75 millimeters, making the shells round, strong, and smooth.

Additionally, you won’t find sharp angles and exaggerated protrusions in the shell. With that, ARAI helmets are more suitable in dealing with unpredictable impacts from all directions.

ARAI focuses on the R75 shape, so each of their helmets reduces rotational energy.

Painted and Polished by Hand

To ensure high-quality finish, ARAI paints and polishes each of their helmets by hand. The process involves over a dozen steps to achieve a seamless finish.

The company doesn’t rely on machines to perform this task. It’s because only human hands can follow the contour of the helmet’s shell. Also, only hand painting and polishing can deliver the detail and quality that ARAI requires for their helmets.

All Tested by Racers

ARAI helmets are the best choice of the top MotoGP and Formula 1 riders and drivers. They provide feedback to the company and with that, ARAI is able to further improve each helmet they produce.

Custom Fit

ARAI is dedicated to providing the best possible fit for their helmets. Because of that, all of their helmets come with multiple interior shapes and a broad range of liners. Aside from that, there are adjustable and removable cheek pads available.

When you purchase an ARAI helmet, you can customize these parts to get the perfect fit.

You can further adjust the fit of your helmet with the peel-away layers on the temple and cheek pad. It’s an excellent feature, especially if you need very little changes on your helmet’s fit without purchasing additional parts. If needed, you can purchase optional thicker pads for increased support.

ARAI Helmets at Motorcycle Helmets

ARAI is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to helmet technology. They produce 100% handmade helmets that surpass modern road safety standards like SNELL, JIS, DOT, and more. The company achieves this by utilizing the latest technologies, production standards, and three generations of experience.

With that, ARAI produces helmets with superior quality, consistency, safety, and comfort, which are all vital for motorcycle helmets. Also, ARAI offers various types of helmets for every riding style. From full-face and open face helmets to dual sports and off-road helmets, ARAI has a model to offer.

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