How to Properly Fit a Motorcycle Helmet

How to Properly Fit a Motorcycle Helmet – Helmets can provide more protection in motorcycle riding than other protective gears. There is a lot of chance of survival when you’re wearing the most effective and important safety measure of all. That is why it is the best investment that a motorcyclist could ever make.

However, the price and appearance are not enough basis when buying a helmet. Helmets should be highly rated and bought in the best fit.

The fit of your helmet can contribute to a safer and more comfortable riding experience out on that open road. But finding the best helmet fit would require you to do a bit of research whether you are a first-time rider or not.

You have to understand a lot about the different helmet sizes, shapes, and the steps on how to pick the correct helmet fit. That’s why we’re here to give essential information to guide you.

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Two Things to Remember When Fitting a Helmet:

To begin with, here are two major things that you have to consider when fitting a helmet.

Helmet Size

Measuring a helmet size can be likened to looking for a well-fitted hat. The only difference is when measuring a helmet, you need to measure over the rider’s head.

You can start to discover your head and helmet size by wrapping your head with measuring tape. It should be approximately one inch above the eyebrows and in the back of the head.

Two Things to Remember When Fitting a Helmet

Take the measurement and use this example of a motorcycle helmet size chart to guide and help you determine the accurate size of your head.

Sizes Head Circumference Inches Head Circumference Metric Hat Sizes
3XS 17 1/8” – 18” 43.5-45.7 cm 5 4/9 -5 3/4
2XS 18 1/8” – 19” 46- 48.3 cm 5 3/4- 6
XS 19 1/8” – 20” 48.6-50.8 cm 6 – 6 3/8
S 20 1/8” – 21” 51.1- 53.3 cm 6 2/5- 6 2/3
M 21 1/8” – 22” 53.7-55.9 cm 6 5/7 – 7
L 22 1/8” – 23” 56.2-58.4 cm 7- 7 1/3
XL 23 1/8” – 24” 58.7-60cm 7 1/3- 7 2/3
2XL 24 1/8” – 25” 61.3- 63.5 cm 7 2/3- 8
3XL 25 1/8” – 26” 63.8-66 cm 8-8 2/7
4XL 26 1/8” – 27” 66.4- 68.6cm 8 1/3- 8 3/5

Example of a motorcycle helmet size chart

Helmet Shapes

Finding the proper helmet shape is vital because heads have different shapes. Considering this, the size of your head that is measured by a tape may not fit the size of your motorcycle helmet.

Some of the helmet manufactures nowadays are offering a number of different shell shapes as follows: typically oval/narrow, neutral/intermediate and round. You can easily determine the shape of your head by looking in the mirror.

Helmet Shapes

Manufacturers of motorcycle helmets are designing their lids to make sure it can fit any specific head shape. And it comes with three primary shapes:

    • Long Oval- This motorcycle helmet shape is suitable for riders with a head which has a longer front-to-back (forehead to the back of the skull) measurement than side-to-side (ear to ear).
    • Intermediate Oval ‘ This motorcycle helmet shape is suitable for riders with a head which has a slightly longer front-to-back than side-to-side measurement. This is also the most common head shape.
    • Round Oval- This motorcycle helmet shape is suitable for riders with a head which has an identical front-to-back and side-to-side measurements.

You have to familiarize yourself with helmet sizes and shapes so that it would be easier for you to determine what helmet can fit your head and can keep you safe.

However, if you can’t do these things because maybe you’re having a hard time dealing with your busy schedule, you can consider buying a helmet online.

Tips on Buying a Helmet Online

Nowadays, online shopping is recommended. It is more convenient because of less hassle and less consumption of time. But sometimes, there are instances that it is hard to trust online shops.

For this reason, you have to make sure that you will only buy from legitimate shops so that you can get legitimate items and you’ll never regret.

But how can you be sure if it is legit or not? By just looking at the helmet’s photos? Don’t worry because here are some tips to help you. The following points below are the things you need to check to make sure that a store is legit.

Helmet Shapes

Check out their helmet’s safety certification.

There are helmet stores online that can prove to you that their products are made out of high quality standards. You can make sure of this by checking out if their helmets are certified by motorcycle helmet safety standards like Snell, JIS or SG.

By verifying this, you will feel assured that these helmets are designed all for your safety and with the highest quality standards. A properly fitted motorcycle helmet that passed these worldwide standards are necessary in order to experience a safe ride.

Check out their helmet’s safety features.

It is also vital to put into consideration which materials were used for each helmet’s safety feature. Make sure that when you check this out, you’ll feel the assurance of being safe and sound.

Legit stores know what their products are made of and will be transparent and specific on the materials used for each part.

Another wise thing to do is to check out their customer support. Is it readily available? Are they responsive and are willing to assist you from the beginning?

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There you go and hope it helps. Remember that the most comfortable helmet for you will be the best fit.

A properly fitted motorcycle helmet can give you safer and more comfortable riding experience. When your helmet is on the right fit, it can prevent you from any distractions that often lead to accidents while on the road.

Fitting a motorcycle helmet is crucial, especially when buying through online shops. But for sure, legitimate shops will help you figure out the best helmet for you.

Motorcycle Helmets have helmets that are quality-made and passed all the SG or JIS standards, which ensures that it is credible and safe. Helmets that are well-designed to fit specific head shapes and sizes.

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