9 Emergency Essentials for Motorcycle

Emergency Essentials for Motorcycle – Motorcycle emergencies along the road can usually happen at any time and anywhere. Getting trained for any situation can save your life from hitting and falling accidents to broken tires on the side of the lane. Getting the resources to deal with an emergency can save you a lot of time and headaches.

In certain situations, being able to rescue yourself or someone in an emergency on the roadside can be crucial. Understanding what to do in an unexpected situation and getting the necessary tools right in your storage box with you will make all the difference when support is so far away.

A time will come when you’re going to say on a motorcycle road ride, “Why didn’t I have that?” We at Motorcycle Helmet Store found almost every motorcycle trip misadventure you can imagine, that’s why we’ve always packed these essential things:

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Emergency Essentials for Motorcycles

  • Map

When you ride a motorcycle on long trips, one essential thing you must bring is a map. A map can be out of the trend nowadays because people usually use an online map, but mobile devices may not work for certain situations. Especially when you go to a place that has no signal. Yet when you bring your map with you, it will never disappoint you.

Emergency Essentials for Motorcycle

Apart from having a good map, it is a perfect way to get an outline of the journey ahead and choose any decent roads out there. Make sure you have one which is waterproof or tear-resistant.

  • GPS Unit

Though we said above that technology may not work sometimes, the GPS unit can also save your life. This option is the most convenient way to know where you are going. It has a satellite navigation system that works even if you don’t have any internet or signal.

Don’t regret buying a motorcycle-specific GPS unit, because it has large touch screens designed for motorcycle gloves to work with. All you have to do is to mount your GPS in the middle of the handlebar so you can see the map easily while riding.

If you have a Bluetooth helmet communicator, this can be hooked to your navigation system to listen to the directions.

  • Travel Tool Kit

The slightest mechanical problem you will ever experience will ruin a road trip. So, make sure you have a decent travel motorcycle tool kit with you. It might not be only for an emergency; you’ll need a general repair tool kit on long journeys, including locking up your chain.

Motorcycle Repair Kit

The tool kit that came with your bike is a starting point to remind you of the simplest tasks you need to do when an emergency comes in.

Indeed, purchasing a multitool with great quality may be a true lifesaver. For the best protection and service, make sure you have at least one blade and as many utility blades as possible.

  • Extra Light Bulbs

If there’s one thing on the road that keeps you safe, it’s your taillights, headlamps and turn signals. These components are important for keeping you visible to other vehicles, particularly when the sun goes down.

Be sure to keep a few spare parts in your storage box so that as quickly as possible, you can fix a burnt-out light, keeping your motorcycle at the most visible. Also, bring a flashlight with you as you replace your light into a new one. This might help during night times.

  • Tire Repair Kit

Having a flat tire can be extremely frustrating. You might be able to get away with a quick replacement on the highway if you’re close to an urban area or get your tire repairs in a local garage.

Carry a tire gauge with you to check the pressure on your tire before going on any long trips. A low tire does not burst on you, but it does impact your performance and mileage.

Duct Tape

  • Duct Tape

In every emergency, this so-called ‘fix-all device’ has practically unlimited applications to your emergency needs. Make minor repairs to your motorbike or helmet, tape up missing pieces to your motorcycle helmet or if you have bulk stuff you need to bring with you, duct tape can save your life.

Make sure your emergency supplies have at least one complete sheet of duct tape.

  • Rain Gear / Raincoat

One essential thing you must bring is rain gear or raincoat. Raincoats don’t take up so much space so you’ll be glad you packed it when you need it.

Some riders believe that when you wear your rain cover, it never seems to rain but when you leave it at home, it pours out. So, the best thing you could do is to always bring it. Weather is unpredictable, that’s why you must be ready when the rain pours out.

Buy rain gear and waterproof gloves. Waterproof gloves are highly recommended because if you ride with wet hands, that could get tiring.

Rain Gear

  • First Aid Kit

Your motorbike is important but the life of those who ride on it is much more important to take care of. Get a ready-made first aid kit and always put it in your stock box. Each kit should include bandages, ointments, and medicines.

A first aid kit is a fine contribution to the emergency essentials, but it won’t help until you learn how to use it. In certain countries, the Red Cross provides classes on first aid, CPR, and other lifesaving strategies. And as a rider, you must know the basic training on first aid. This might help when an emergency comes.

A decent toolkit can save a trip but if you know basic training on first aid can save a life.

  • Motorbike’s Manual and Spare Key

There are endless ways in which your key can get misplaced or broken, or even stolen if you’re not careful. Anyone who has ever lost a key in their filler cap should know the frustration of the moment. So it’s important to bring a spare key with you and put it in your bag or your storage box.

Another thing, it is best to bring your motorcycle’s manual to guide you if your motorbike needs sudden roadside maintenance.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great thing when a rider will always have the best emergency essentials packed in his storage box.

And as you look above the detailed list of the most important items, we hope that you consider bringing all of it. It’s a wonderful thing if you are always ready, especially during emergencies. You will not regret it.

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