16 Must-Know Motorcycle Hand Signals

Motorcycle Hand Signals – Motorcycle lights do not just give riders with road visibility at night or when it is dark. Another function of these lights is to give a signal or communicate to other motorists or drivers on the road.

Many accidents have been prevented through these lights. But what if your light just won’t work? It is so much easier for drivers who just need to roll down their car windows. And it is a big challenge to motorcycle riders who have their helmet on to keep them safe and focused on the road. That is why for every motorcyclist, a set of simple yet effective universal hand signals can send messages to other motorcyclists and drivers on the go.

Motorcycle Hand Signals

Communicate clearly with these 16 Must-Know Motorcycle Hand Signals that you can definitely use for a safer and better ride.

  • Right Turn

There are many road rules motorists need to be aware of while on the road. So whether you are making a simple turn, make sure that you still follow these rode guidelines.

Do this if you want to signal a right turn:

Extend your left arm out bent at the elbow upward forming a 90-degree angle. Make sure that your fist is clenched.

  • Left Turn

There will be countless times that you will have to make a left turn. Keep your eyes focused on the road and just give other motorists this Motorcycle Hand Signals for a left turn:

Extend your left arm straight out with your palm faced down.

  • Stop

You can’t just make a sudden stop while on the road. If your lights are not working, just make this hand gesture telling that you are calling for a stop:

With your left arm extended out, make a 90-degree angle bent down. Make sure that your palm faces back.
Must-Know Motorcycle Hand Signals

  • Stop for Fuel

Another stop gesture that is very important to all riders is the ‘stop for fuel’. Keep in mind this gesture and show it when you need it.

Extend your left arm out and using your index finger point towards the gas tank.

  • Comfort Stop

While driving, you might need to stop for a while to pee or attend to your other need. You do not need to make this signal if you do not have a company. It may look weird to signal a stranger that you need to stop for comfort. This signal is usually given to the other riders who are on the road with you.

With your left arm extended out, clench your fist and make a short up and down waving action.

  • Refreshment Stop

Hydration is essential to the body, especially on a hot day. Signal your company of riders that you need some refreshment with this hand gesture:

Extend your left arm out and bend at your elbow. Make a gesture that your fist is clenched and your thumb is touching your mouth as if you are drinking.

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There will be unexpected happenings on the road while you are driving and one is the presence of dangerous hazards. Make sure to communicate this to the riders behind you whether they are your company or just being a helpful and responsible one towards strangers.

Hazard on the left: extend your left arm out with your index finger pointing towards the ground.

Hazard on the right: extend your right foot out and point it towards the ground

NOTE: This is a signal that has saved a lot of motorcyclists as this tells other riders or drivers that a possible danger is ahead.

  • Turn Signal On

In case that signal lights stop working all of a sudden and you need to make a turn, show this gesture to the motorists behind you.

Extend your left arm out to the ground making a 45-degree angle while continuously making a close open action with your hands.

  • Speed Up

In case there is a need for speed, communicate this to your group by presenting this hand signal:

Extend your left arm out a little bent at the elbow. Make sure that your palm is facing towards the sky and do an upward and downward action.

NOTE: You should always observe the speed limit.
Must-Know Motorcycle Hand Signals

  • Slow Down

Slowing down is necessary and you have to communicate this clearly. Simply make this hand gesture:

Do the opposite of the ‘speed up hand signal’.

Extend your left arm out a little bent at the elbow. Make sure that your palm is facing towards the ground and make an upward and downward action.

NOTE: The rider behind might be running as well at full speed so you better give this slow down signal so they can adjust their speed and prevent a collision.

  • Follow Me

If in your group you are the only one who knows the direction to where you are going, make sure to signal them this gesture.

Raise your left arm extending straight up with your palm faced forward. Swing your arm forward to complete this hand signal.

  • Single File

When the roadway is narrow and you are in front of your group, give this signal to form a single file line.

Extend your left arm bent at the elbow forming a 90-degree angle with your index finger pointing to the sky.

slow down signal

  • Double File

Give this hand signal to make your group form a double-file line.

Extend your left arm bent at the elbow forming a 90-degree angle with your middle and index fingers pointing to the sky.

NOTE: Do this if there is enough space on the road for a double-file line.

  • You Lead/Come

Make this hand gesture to signal riders behind you that it is safe to pass or go in front of you.

Extend your left arm making a 45-degree angle. Move your arm backward and forward with your index finger pointing forward.

  • Pull-Off

There are assigned spaces for riders on the road. If you need to pull off, make this gesture.

Extend your left arm out bent at the elbow making 45 degrees upward then move your left arm forward.

  • Cops Ahead

Signal your group or other motorists that there is a cop in front. This signal is the best reminder to tell everyone to stay responsible while on the road.

Simply tap the top of your helmet with your palm.

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Communicate while on the road! It does not only help you, but you keep other riders safe too. You can have all the motorcycle accessories to provide you with that. But in case these accessories are not accessible for you, these universal motorcycle hand signals can be of great help. So the next time you put your gears on, make sure you got these signals as well. Ride safe!

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